The Company Costa Verde started its production in 1992 in a completely innovative way. Costa Verde presently belongs to the most modern factories in the world in the field of porcelain production.

The company makes a point of qualified human resources, continuous process improvement and customer-oriented business model. This attitude ultimately allowed the company to become a famous brand of porcelain and to cover the effective market position not only in Portugal.


Production is characterized by using the most modern German technology, which covers significant part of the equipment. Next important point is the careful choice of raw materials. Products are renowned for high quality. This is especially thanks to the quality control department that among other things cooperates with the scientific department in the production of porcelain, ceramics and glass at the University of Aveiro and Technological Center of porcelain Coimbra.

More than 75% of this production is exported to the European Union, USA, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Angola and other countries such as e.g. the Czech Republic.


Endurance, hardness and perfect appearance thanks to unique whiteness = three basic characteristics of Costa Verde porcelain.

Porcelain Costa Verde has a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage from the use of cutlery and to chemical effects from the use of detergents. . Low porosity and high density level ensure its durability, innocuousness and smooth to the touch.

All products Costa Verde are microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher safe and are certified for all food contact.

Products are characterized by exclusive whiteness that further enhances the luxurious look of porcelain.